Paralytic Woman Walks Again Because of 1500 Bee Stings

Britain's Sun Daily reported on April 5th, Britain's lady Sami kage at the age of 45 suffered multiple sclerosis and was laid up 12 years ago. However, wishing to get rid of the sickbed, Sammy never yielded to her fate and finally she bravely chose the bee venom therapy which might pose threat to her life. Surprisingly, after the adherence of the year and a half, Sami,who has been stung by waspa for over 1,500 times, miraculously stood up.Direction of Fashion Mistakes Even Smart Celebs Make with healthsearch365

According to reports, Sami Cagots from Bristol in Bitain is a staff in the local charity. While, Sammy who has one hot heart suffered the disease when she was 33 years old. The doctor diagnosed her Multiple Sclerosis. With the development of the disease, her legs became numb, so that she could only lie on bed for 12 years.All New shopzila are One of Most Suitable Craze In 2010

However, Sami didn't lose confidence of health. Autumn’s Most Terrific healthsearch365 Drift She not only actively accepted present treatment, but also entrusted doctors and friends to find ways to cure him here and there. In the end of the year 2008, Sami heard the melissotherapy and learned it is a potentially lethal alternative therapy after consulting her doctor. It is reported that bee venom treatment is a biological treatment which still not widely recognized by the medical and it has a certain degree of danger. The promoters believe that the poison released by the bites of wasps can not only ease the pain of sclerosis, but also can stimulate the fight between body and virus. More importantly, the venom can make the body release a natural compound, to help the treatment of atrophy and arthritis. But the apisin may make the patient hyperergic or unconscious, and it might even jeopardise the life.The New healthsearch365 for Fall

Nevertheless, Sami who was worried about the whole body losing the consciousness and was anxious to get rid of bed still decided to have a try. She said that, [Many people are afraid to be bite by bees. But if you were me, every way is worth to be tried. To her, she would be happy when she felt the pain of bees, because that stated that her body was still conscious.

Thus, Sami began the treatments of a year and a half. The beginning, doctors worry that she could not stand, and each time only clamp two bee sting her, gradually turned into 4, 6. Finally, Sami received the therapy for twice a week, each time with 10 to 14 stings mainly on the shoulders, the central back and near the lumbar spine. According to the introduction of Sami, there is some kind of psychological effect of this treatment, because each time after treatment, she will inspire more than two hours. Saami was stung for over 1500 times by bees after 18 months of treatment. Not long ago, Sami felt her legs full of strength so much so that she miraculously stood up. Since the bee would die after the sting, Sami joked herself as "bee killer", "I have never expected more than 1,500 little bees saved me!"

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