Travelling In Fairy Tales Each Season In The Land Of Switzerland

The Swiss poet, Gottfried Kalor, once vividly discribed Swiss characteristic of having well-defined seasons. To Enjoy the Brand Which are the Leader : shopzila People who have been to Swiss for many times must know that you can have different feelings traveling to Swiss in any season.What is Best for '90s? Perfect healthsearch365 !

When the village on the mountain top is coverd with snow, at the foot of the mountain, the spring wind has swept over the whole city. The tree is sprouting and the thawing river is glittering brilliantly in the sunshine. This is also the good season to have a free and leisurely walk in the lanes filled with Middle Ages atmosphere.

Gradually, the season belongs to the Alps is coming, and as well known as the "Hiking paradise," the Swiss reputation has attracted a lot of people who love nature. If the routes for hiking are added together, it will be even longer than the perimeter of the earth. So it is proved that there are so many routes for hiking. Whether beginner or professional, in the enjoyment of climbing fun at the same time, can also enjoy the beautiful alpine flowers in full bloom.

The summer of Switzerland is also a world of adventure, you personally feel it!You can feel about Swiss by admiring the Alps and playing golf, playing boat race on the lake, playing yacht, or playing raft in the river. Each autumn, everywhere in Swiss was painted with golden or red. Fresh air has made it the best season to travel by foot.

Especially the golden rays of the lake reflecting Andi, or the grapes grown on hillside fields, these beauty Scene which you can not see in other countries. In addition, the ginkgo tree and other maple, making up Switzerland's autumn with their own unique colors, attract tourists linger on and forget to return.

Besides, the autumn season is also the season of delicious food. Drinking wine with the fresh cheese, the very unique flavor will give you memorable impression. The wine festivals and harvest festivals held in various places are also the good place for the tourist glutting their eyes. In winter, the bright sunshine and brilliant snow make Swiss a silver world.

The ski fans are turning around gracefully; the guys playing skateboard are like dancers, dancing joyfully and we can hear the laughter of the kids who are playing sled. Switzerland's winter brings people endless happiness, especially admiring the beautiful hillside view of year: the glacier-mantled landscape. After doing sports or watching the snow view, you can enjoy hot spring bathing with modern facilities, reducing the tension and fatigue. Or you can chat in front of the warm fireplace, which will also be a kind of feast journey.

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