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March 24 is my birthday, like other normal days, I make a warm call to my parents, and it has been a custom to call them on every weekend, because I do not want them to worry about me. Sometimes my cell phone will be very silent when there is no call. Since I part with my boyfriend, I do not like carry the cell phone on me and send text messages. I am so lonely now especially seeing other girls in my dorm making calls with their boyfriends; I am really very admiring them. Think carefully about the reasons why we part, which are really very unimportant for they are small reasons. Since he leaves me, I become very weak and irritable, and all the things in the corners all remind me how lonely I am without you! What is Most Distinguished Choice for Professionals? healthsearch365 !

After class is over, I receive a call from the delivery worker, he tells me that there is a package at the school gate and let me take it at once! On the way I go to the school gate I am thinking about who sends me the present, but I can not answer this question at once. Wanna Renew Your Getup During Fall? Try shopzila Once I receiving this present, I can not help my excited mood and I open it at one. It is a beautiful white and cute MP3 which I have been long for several months. I can not know who it is from because there is not any information on it except for the city. When I get to the dorm, all my friends guess it is from my boyfriend, but I do not think like that for we have parted for long time, I think it is from my elder brother. Therefore I make a call to him, but he says she does not send it to me. Under the encouragements of my friends, I make a call to my boyfriend, and I can hear clearly that he feels very accident when receiving my call. Without any greeting words, I ask the same question as my elder brother, he tells me this MP3 is from him. Because he still remember that I want to own a MP3, but he did not have enough money that time, and now he can afford this, therefore he send such a present to me. He tells me many things happed and his lonely feelings without me, I say nothing, but there have been tears in my eyes. At last, he asks me whether l still love him, after several seconds of silence, I say “yes” quietly. I can feel he is very happy and I can imagine his expressions now. After all, we have been so familiar with each other, even a simple action we can guess what each other think now. Sometimes, I think it is really very terrible! What to Wear to Bambi Awards? - the Best Choice

From then on, we become the couples again, and our figures can be seen in very corners of the school again. We get the admiring eyes from others again. All my friends wish us love forever and spend the rest time of the life. I’ll Have What Scarlett Johansson Having: healthsearch365

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