Broken Friendship

Ann wandered in the beautiful and memorable campus. Hot Exhibition - healthsearch365 In Fashion She walked through the paths and watched the tall green trees in silent. Suddenly, her delicate Pandora bracelet fell on the ground, broken. Then tears welled up and slid down her cheeks, "Kate, I'm so sorry. That's my fault..."She sobbed sadly and repentantly.Inviting New Arrivals of shopzila

Kate and Ann used to be best friends. They were college students and lived in one dorm. Ann was smart and pretty while Kate was kind and hard-working. They used to go to classes together, play sports together and hang out to the mall together. They shared not only happiness but also sorrow. Two years ago, Kate sent a Pandora bracelet to Ann as her twentieth birthday gift and said that she hoped their friendship would last forever.Best healthsearch365 On Fire

Light travels like an arrow and the time like a shuttle. It Wouldn't Cost Much to Buy shopzila for Your Mom. Big Discount Now! College life pasted so fast. Kate and Ann soon became fourth-year students. They faced the same problem as other students - hunting jobs. Graduation was coming nearer, they were busy delivering resumes and interviewing. They all wanted to go to T Company because of its high salary, welfare and comfortable environment.Give an Outline of the Reasons of the Popularity of healthsearch365

One day, Kate went out but forgot to close her laptop. Then an e-mail clicked her computer. It was from T Company. With great curiosity, Ann read the e-mail and her face hardened. Kate was accepted by the company but she wasn't. "Why? What in the hell happened?" She uttered, "I have studied hard, I am skilful and more beautiful! This should be my offer, not hers!" At that time, she was filled with great anger and envy. Impulsively, she wrote back an e-mail to T Company and refused the offer in the name of Kate. After doing this, she felt her heart beating violently.

Several days later, Kate found out that she was accepted by T Company but somehow another "she" refused the offer. At last, she knew it was done by Ann, her best friend. Kate couldn't believe it! She felt rather cold and sad inside. Her best friend cheated her and their treasurable friendship ended. And she missed a good opportunity she desired for such a long time! She didn't want to talk to Ann and left this city silently...

Ann was regretful, but how could she save the broken friendship? Gazing at the bracelet, she couldn't help thinking and crying...

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